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Lindsay Mickleson, Water Aerobics

Lindsay Web Photo

My name is Lindsay Mickelson and this will be my 8th year teaching water aerobics.  I have been blessed with three children, one girl and two boys.  I also have a very supportive husband that has graduated from USU with four degrees including a Masters in Instructional Technology.  He has been working for the Space Dynamics Lab for the last 8 1/2 years.  I attended SUU with a scholarship in Cheerleading and I also attended USU for a few semesters.  I have taught aerobics at various places throughout the valley, including eight semesters at USU through the Fun, Fit, Forever program. 

It is great being back at USU.  This time I am teaching for the Employee Wellness program.  I have also taught various aerobic classes, kickboxing and indoor spinning are just to name a few. My love for water aerobics started 7 years ago when I began teaching at the Logan Aquatic Center. I realized the benefits of exercising in the water vs. the benefits of exercising on land.  If you have never experienced "FUN" while exercising, well, just come and try it one time and you will be hooked!  I have created many long lasting friendships and witnessed the many physical transformations my students have had taking my water aerobics classes.

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