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Shelby Frauen

Shelby Frauen

Ambassador of Employee Wellness


Phone: (435) 797-8144

Office Hours:



My name is Shelby and I graduated from USU in 2014. As an undergrad, I attended PE classes like water aerobics, yoga and aerobic kickboxing. In high school, I participated in the swim and soccer teams. I've had a passion for health since I was 15, and even studied Nutrition Science at USU. After graduation, I have used the pool facilities, and participated in FFF classes and Employee Wellness classes. I believe in fitness for its long term health benefits and in the short term, I notice a significant difference in my mood and productivity when I make it to a workout. Wellness is making a habit of eating a variety of foods and staying active. I would like to be a Wellness Ambassador because I appreciate the facilities, classes and wellness culture at USU.