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Scott's Indoor CyclingIndoor Cycling with Scott

Scott’s Indoor Cycling is one of the most beneficial employee wellness exercise programs on campus. Intended for the beginner to advanced cyclist, the class includes proper stationary cycling technique, warm ups, high cardio cycling drills, attack games, cool downs, and stretching. The music is (mostly) classic "Rock and Roll" and will keep you motivated. Classes rapidly increase in intensity throughout the session and may include voluntary “no seat” options. As a part of your wellness efforts, cycling will strengthen the heart, burn calories, lower cholesterol, decrease stress, and improve your quality of life.  Please bring a water bottle and small sweat towel to each class – you will need it!

What USU faculty and staff are saying about Scott’s Indoor Cycling class:

“Over 6 years ago, I started Scott’s Tues/Thurs beginning cycling class with the idea of getting some exercise and a break from my day. I loved it. I still love it. It is an amazing workout and helps me through each day. Scott makes each class a challenge, with sprints, attack games, mountain climbing, no seat, etc. I know each time I go he is encouraging me and challenging me to do my best.  Scott is a truly motivational instructor and person. I look forward to each session and know I will come away totally satisfied with each workout.” 
M. Blair.

“This is my fourth year of Scott’s noon cycling class and I love it. The class gives me a great workout in a short period of time and you can tell Scott loves teaching the class. I feel like my overall endurance has improved by taking the class. I had never taken a cycling class prior to Scott’s class and was not sure if I would like it, but it has met all my expectations and more. If you want to have a good time while getting fit, this is the class for you.”
Julie G.

“Five years ago I had heart surgery and two days later had two mini strokes as a result of the surgery. I decided to take Scott’s cycling class as part of my rehabilitation to regain my strength and fitness. Over three years later, my fitness and strength levels are the best they have been in years and I attribute this success to working out in Scott’s cycling classes. Scott’s workouts physically challenge me depending on how much I want to push myself.”
R. Wilson

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