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Fall 2020 Be Well Rewards Modification Information:
Due to the current COVID-19 situation and subsequent precautionary measures in place state wide, the USU Employee Wellness Program has determined that certain modifications need to be made for employees to complete the Be Well Rewards program. Those modifications will be found in blue text boxes for applicable activities in the 'Live Well', 'Work Well' and 'Be Well' activity categories.

In regards to the 750,000 steps and general health assessment, those requirements can still be accomplished as outlined while maintaining social distancing. If you have not completed the age appropriate preventative health exam yet, we ask that you help keep our healthcare systems from being overwhelmed by staying safe and staying home unless absolutely necessary. To ensure we are notified to review your activities once you have completed them all, please still select 'Yes' from the drop down menu for the preventative healthcare visit. 

We understand this is a unique time that may require unique accomodations. If you have any questions about the Be Well Rewards modifications, submitting for activities, or the program in general please contact us at or 435-797-0117. 


USU Be Well Rewards is an engaging incentive program that rewards employees of Utah State University for taking an active role in their personal wellbeing. Through the USU Be Well Rewards program all benefit eligible employees can earn up to $280 each year.


USU Be Well rewards will run during the following two periods:

September 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
February 1, 2021 - May 31, 2021

Employees can earn $140 for each period completed.
Please Note: All USU Be Well Rewards payments will be taxed.

*All activity submissions must be turned in by the last day of the period.*

During each period employees will be required to:

  1. Walk at least 750,000 steps. Steps must be tracked using fitbit, pedometer, cell phone or any other tracking device. You will submit a screen shot of your fitbit or other tracker dashboard if available or you can use the Be Well pedometer tracking sheet.
  2. Complete a confidential general health assessment on once per plan year. Directions for completing the general health asessment. For PEHP members, sign up for a "Healthy Utah" assessment here.  
  3. Complete at least one age appropriate preventative healthcare visit. (Annual physical, dental exam, mammogram, prostate exam, etc.)
  4. Earn at least 100 points in each of the three different activity categories.

New for 2020 - Physical Activities to Steps Conversion Chart

Employees who enjoy doing other forms of physical activity and would like count those toward their step total may use the Be Well approved conversion chart. Please note that conversion charts or equations other than the Be Well chart will not be accepted. Please include what activity/activities you participated in on your pedometer tracking sheet or include screen shots of your FitBit or other tracking device if possible. 


Activities are broken into three separate categories:
All Activities are worth 100 points
Live Well - This category includes activities designed to improve or maintain your physical health and wellbeing. Attending exercise classes or completing a fitness assessment through the Be Well Employee Wellness Program are examples of activities in the Live Well category.
Work Well - This category includes activities that are designed to help you become a more balanced and productive employee. Stress management videos and financial management consultations are examples of activities in the Work Well category.
Be Well - This category emphasizes the importance of being well-adjusted and balanced individual. This category emphasizes the importance of building solid positive relationships and enjoying your time with others. Service and giving back are also important elements of the Be Well category.

*Any employee who may need assistance to complete any part of the Be Well Rewards program is encouraged to contact the USU Be Well team at and we will provide an appropriate alternative.


Register here on the first day of the reward period!

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