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Annette Rindlisbacher

Annette Rindlisbacher

Employee Wellness


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IconPhone: (435) 797-2210


I have worked at USU for approximately 9 years.  I started as a staff assistant II in FCHD.  I have worked in Student Retention, Nutrition Dietetics & Food Sciences, Ag Experiment Station, and have landed as the HR Specialist for the CAAS Business Services.

I have six children ages 11 to 26 (4 girls and 2 boys).  And one 7 month old grandson (I now understand why we have children).  I have worked my entire life and have battled the stress of being a full-time mom and full-time employee and how to enjoy and do well at both.

This is where I think health and wellness plays a huge part.  I believe it is about balance.  Being healthy and strong but not obsessive over what the scale says.  Being able to enjoy your work and manage stress but not be consumed by it.  Being able to balance family and work while giving your best to both.  And in the midst of all of that making healthy choices for yourself and your family that help you to be strong and healthy and enjoy this crazy life that we live.

My struggle is finding myself on the bottom of list.  I am great at taking care of everyone else and forget to make these good choices for myself as well.  I’m hoping to take a step in a great direction as an Ambassador to get myself on a better track, feeling better, enjoying life more and being strong and healthy!