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Chris Dayley

Chris Dayley

Employee Wellness


Contact Information

Office Hours: N/A
IconPhone: (435) 797-9323


I am the E-Learning support coordinator in the department of Academic and Instructional Services (AIS). I am in charge of the E-Learning testing center and work to create and maintain programs to support USU’s online student population. I am also a PhD students in the Theory and Practice of Technical Communication program in the English department.

My wellness routine includes taking advantage of Be Well fitness classes such as boot camp and spin. I participate in the National Bike Challenge and am always looking to participate in whatever wellness challenge is being offered. I am a triathlete and work out about 5-6 days a week. My next goal is to participate in an Olympic distance triathlon.

Prior to coming to USU I did not work out. After moving to Logan I found an atmosphere that we conducive to wellness. I found out that employees could take a free fitness test. I took one and found out that I was in very poor physical condition compared to others my age. I decided to commit to working out and improving my health. Eventually I found out how convenient and inexpensive classes like boot camp are. This realization changes everything and I am not working out almost every day. I have improved so much in the fast couple of years and I can no longer imagine a world where I don’t work out regularly.   

I believe the Be Well program has a lot to offer every employee on campus. I want to be a wellness ambassador so that I can help other people in my department discover what I have discovered. I am always trying to get other employees to join me at in the fitness classes I take, and I would like to advocate for wellness for my co-workers in an official capacity.