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Deb Megill

Deb Megill

Employee Wellness


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Office Hours: N/A
IconPhone: (435) 797-1846


I have been with the University for 16 years now. 

In my former job, I was fortunate to learn about the value of exercise and the advantages of good nutrition and supplements.  I was a manager for the Nutrition Center for Fred Meyer’s, now Smiths.  Ironically, it also taught me that I that the work that I was doing there was not the best for me.  I needed to have something that did not require so much physical lifting but still let me have a job that had physical movement.  Since my job here requires some physical and some sitting, it is perfect for me. 

I would like to be the “go to” person to encourage my fellow employees with the advantages of physical exercise and the how good nutrition and supplements can help that.  If we can get the word out to everyone and hopefully get more encouragement from our Management, I think it would help not only our bottom line for insurance, (Since the University is self-insured.) but our outlook on life itself.  One of the movie lines that I constantly bring up to friends and family is from “Legally Blonde”.  “She can’t be a murderer!  She exercises!  Exercise creates endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.  Happy people don’t kill.”