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Lauren Skousen

Lauren Skousen

Employee Wellness


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IconPhone: (435) 797-1166


I have just recently reinvigorated my desire to embrace health and wellness on a regular basis in my life. Over the last five years I have gone from a single undergraduate college student with a ton of spare time to a married mother with a full time career pursuing a graduate degree. Spare time sometimes feels like a myth – it is no longer an ordinary occurrence but is instead a luxury! But I’ve realized that even though I may think I do not have time to focus on my health, I must make the time now so that I have time later in my life to do the things I want to do. For me, wellness is about honoring and respecting my body by taking care of it so that it will take care of me as it carries me throughout my life.  I want to be a wellness ambassador so I can promote that message to my friends at work as well as keep myself accountable!