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Maura Blair

Maura Blair

Employee Wellness


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Hi, my name is Maura Blair.  I have worked at USU for a little over 3 years.  I am the mother of three exceptional children ages 13, 12, and 15 months.  Having my first child 13 years ago changed my motivation and direction for life.  I feel strongly that quality time with each of my kids is the most important aspect in my life.  That quality time is mostly spent by hiking, camping, jogging, and being outdoors together.  I know that instilling health and wellness in each of my children is extremely important.  I strongly believe in keeping myself healthy so I can keep up with the activity level of my young children.  I spend a majority of my lunches exercising either in the employee wellness gym, spinning with Scott, or going out for a lunch time walk/jog.  I have encouraged my co-workers to join exercise classes with me or come with me over to the gym.  I believe I am a good example to those who need encouragement and motivation.  I try to be positive and I make a point to invite my coworkers with me when I am working out. 

I believe I would be a good Wellness Ambassador because I lead by example.  I am constantly competing with my family members in step challenges or exercise challenges.  I advocate making healthy choices, by taking the stairs every day, by walking or riding my bike to work as much as I can.  I believe that having the opportunity to work out each day helps to provide me with a better attitude and helps me deal with the stresses of life better.  I am able to provide constant encouragement to those around me.  I hope you will consider giving me the honor of being a USU Wellness Ambassador.