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Peggy Cooper

Peggy Cooper

Employee Wellness


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IconPhone: (435) 797-7512


My wellness journey has been hard work but rewarding.  Several years ago a co-worker and I started spending some of our lunch hour walking in the halls of our building during the winter.  We soon graduated to the two mile loop outside.   We’d go rain or shine and just bundle up to go.  We soon found we needed more and were excited to join Beginner’s Boot Camp.  The instructor taught me that it was ok to be the slowest, oldest, heaviest person in class but that I should come and do my best.    I also found it was not really “Beginner” at all.   Before class was even over I often wanted to curl up on the floor in the fetal position and try to get my breath.   When I started Bootcamp I was extremely unhealthy.  I had out of control adult onset diabetes, high blood pressure, was super stiff and overweight.    I also joined the spin class two days a week on a regular basis.  I soon was trying Water aerobics, an occasional Zumba class, an occasional stability ball class, and lastly but not least, lifting in the Wellness employee gym.