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Saia Hola

Saia Hola

Employee Wellness


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My name is Saia Hola. I work at Facilities in the Carpenter Shop.  I have been here going on three years.   All my life, I have been involved in sports from rugby, football, track, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. In High School, I received many honors as an athlete from All State player to even Honorable second team All American in track.   As I got older, I found out that I was not that young anymore and trying to stay in shape was not as easy as seem.  Married and with children and jobs has taken its toll and add injuries to that.  Staying in shape gets harder and harder every day. But with that, the injuries, marriage, and jobs, I used some of that time to read many articles and books about health.  I have learned a lot of things and also experimented with health drinks to see what works best for ME.  I found out a lot of good things about that.   So to say I am not interested in my health, would be far from the truth.   

Why would I like to be the Wellness Ambassador?  I am 51 years old. I exercise just about every day and I coach a High School Rugby team and I also Referee. It keeps me in shape.  I would like to help people to feel better about themselves.   Working among them, I see firsthand how they are doing.  I am concern about them and many of them are about to retired. We need to help them live a healthier life style. So I am on board to help in anyway or fashion.