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Shannon Johnson

Shannon Johnson

Employee Wellness


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March of 2006, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My doctor suggested that I should lose some weight to help control my diabetes. Two months later I joined Weight Watchers.

I have known several people who were successful on the WW program but I never was interested in joining. I didn’t want to commit to weekly meetings where you had to weigh-in and pay the weekly fee. I thought I could lose weight on my own, but that wasn’t working for me. I needed help and the only way that was going to happen was for me to commit to being accountable and pay the price.

The Weight Watchers program is just what I needed. It is the perfect program to keep me on-track and honest with myself (the scale doesn’t lie).

While my son was in the hospital at Primary Children's Medical Center in October of 2006, I found out that there was a Weight Watchers at Work program for the employees. I attended one of their meeting and was totally impressed and thought, “wouldn't it be great to have a Weight Watchers Program at USU?”

So in December, I started working to get the WW at Work program implemented at USU. It was a long and evolved which took until May of 2007 before we started our first class on-campus. We just finished our 9th year and 39th 12-week session (May 2016).

In October of 2009, I reached my lifetime Weight Watcher goal by losing 44 lbs. I still have some work to do, but don’t we all? I can honestly say, that without the Weight Watchers at Work program, my health journey would be a lot different.

Having the WW at Work program on-campus is so convenient. WW members no longer have to leave campus to attend meetings. We meet here weekly in the University Inn. Plus, we have the support of our colleagues. We just need to get the word across campus, so more people can learn how to become healthier.

The thing with WW is - it's not a diet - it's a way of living. It's not giving up everything you love. It's learning how to eat in moderation and how to read labels. It's the best program out there. You can still eat out at your favorite restaurants, eat the real food you love, and indulge in a treat now and again; with WW, no food is off limits.

Of course, it's just not about eating right - it's about exercising too. We are so lucky to have all the opportunities that are available to USU employees and students right here on campus: Water Aerobics, Spinning, Fit Club, Personal Trainers, Wellness Center, and more. Thanks to our Employee Wellness Center for implementing a variety of healthy programs for us to participate in, we are now a much healthier campus.